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Shoe Laces

Colors from left to right: Red, Gold, Orange, Purple, Maroon, Royal, White, Navy, Dark Green, Kelly, Black, Gray.
Not shown are: Columbia Blue, Vegas Gold and Brown.

bulk laces

Choose the length you need by counting the number of pairs of lace holes on your shoe.

Hole Pairs Shoelace Length 
5 or 6 36 Inches
6 or 7 40 Inches
7 45 Inches
8 54 Inches
9 63 Inches
10 to 11 72 Inches

Bulk Athletic Shoelaces (shoe laces)

Loose laces per gross (144 each). Bulk pack (no packaging sold per gross (72 pair).

Shoe Laces - Flat in polyester. All are 3/8" wide. Available in 10 Colors: White, Black, Scarlet, Royal, Navy, Purple, Dark Green, Maroon, Gold & Orange. Pink available in 54" HSP only.

LSP - 45" long. $79.00/gr.

HSP - 54" long. $83.00/gr.

WSP - 63" long. $86.00/gr.

XSP - 72" long. $96.00/gr.

Shoulder Pad Laces - Tough round nylon. Black or White.

SPL - 40" White round nylon lace. $47.00/gr

SPB - 40" Black round nylon lace. $58.00/gr

SYL - 32" White round nylon lace. $42.00/gr

SYB - 32" Black round nylon lace. $55.00/gr

Athletic Pant Laces - Football

Colorfast polyester 36" round. 12 Colors: White, Black, Scarlet, Royal, Navy, Purple, Dark Green, Maroon, Gold, Orange, Vegas Gold, Cardinal, Silver.

FPL - 36" round pant laces per gross.


Athletic Equipment & Uniform Draw Cord

White round nylon draw cord on 100 yard spool. For Pants, girdles, sweats, etc.

DRC - 100 yard spool. $24.00/spl

high density foam insoles

Fabric Covered Hi-Density Foam Insoles.

IDB - Bulk packed per dozen per size.
Men’s sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, & 15. $36.00 per dozen pairs.

Shoelaces of every description. Cotton, nylon. Football shoulder pad laces. Football pant laces. Our insoles are sold in bulk only with no markings whatsoever. We sell basketball shoelaces and baseball shoelaces and football shoelaces and hockey shoelace. We have shoelaces in every length. We sell shoelaces in many many colors. Athletic shoelaces are one of our biggest lines. Nobody sells more athletic shoelaces on the web than Come to us for your specialty athletic shoelace needs. Looking for cotton shoelaces for hockey? We have hockey laces in 100% cotton. These cotton laces also are good for any winter outdoor sport. Athletic equipment and uniform draw cord is a hard item to find at your local sporting goods store. We sell lots of it here.