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Score Books (Scoremaster), Clipboards and Lineup Boards

Scoremaster Score Books

MARK 5 - Mark V Basketball. This is the top selling Basketball score book in the world. Comprehensive, easy to use, and the highest quality construction. The standard for all levels of competition since 1966. 15 players, 30 games. Wire Bound. $9.99 each.

SMK - High-Speed Scoremaster Basketball. Compact size at 5-1/2" x 11" (closed). A complete record of game and player. 14 players, 33 games. Spiral bound at top. $8.00 each.

SMOB - Original Scoremaster Baseball/Softball. Simplified, yet detailed history of each game. Up to 11 batters, 12 innings, 25 games. Wire bound. $8.00 each.

SM16 - Super 16 Scoremaster Baseball/Softball. Same as the Original, but also lineup cards, batting/fielding average chart, and team roster pate. Up to 16 batters, 10 innings, 26 games. Wire bound. $8.50 each.

The coacher - magnetic lineup board - baseball

magnetic basketball lineup board

The Coacher™ Magnetic Baseball Lineup Boards

MCBC - Pocket size magnetic baseball lineup board with name tags, pen & reverse side field strategy board. $27.00/ea.

MCBB - Magnetic baseball players lineup board with field diagram on reverse side. Includes name tags and pen. $39.00/ea.

MCBK - Magnetic Basketball players lineup board with court diagram on reverse side. Includes name tags and pen. $39.00

plastic clipboards - coach's equipment

Write-On Plastic Clipboards

9" x 15 1/2" very durable injection molded plastic clipboards with a baked on clear coating. Easily erasable with no residue. Tablet/papers clip on reverse side. Black marking pen included. $18.00/ea.

CBF - Football - scrimmage line/single play.
CBFF - Football - field
CBS - Soccer - field
CBK - Basketball - Court
CBH - Hockey - Rink
CBV - Volleyball - Court
CBB - Baseball - lineup
CBBF - Baseball - field
CBBFL - Baseball - combo field & lineup
CBML - Lacrosse - men
CBWL - Lacrosse - women
CBPL - Plain white..

CBPO - Pens only, dry erase, Black. $4.00/ea.

scorebooks - coach's equipment

All Sports Score Books.


SBS - Soccer. 24 games and chars for schedules, squad members & individual stats.
SBK - Basketball. 30 games, 15 players, season schedule and charts, running score with individual stats.
SBV - Volleyball. 23 games, spaces for 18 substitutions. Summary, stats and rally scoring.
SBB - Baseball/Softball. 25 games, 18 player spaces. Popular for Little League Summary chart and batting averages.
SBBD - Detailed Baseball//Softball. 25 games, 111 players, larger scoring boxes with summary chart and batting averages.
SBT - Track. 19 meets, 14 individual events, 33 relays and stats.
SBLM - Lacrosse (Men's). 24 games, 33 players. Records penalties, face-offs, man up/man down, goalie saves and running score. Bigger in size than others at 9.25" x 12"
SBLW - Lacrosse (Women's). 24 games, 33 players. Records penalties, free position shots, draws, shots on goal, goalie saves and running score. Bigger in size than others at 9.25" x 12"

Extra-Large & Detailed Side-by-Side Baseball/Softball Scorebook

SBB2 - Baseball/Softball. Score both teams on same page. 31 games, 15 players. Includes pitch count. Team Roster. Very detailed. 14" x 11-1/4". $16.99

lineup cards - line-up cards - baseball

Baseball/Softball Line Up Cards.

LUC - Four-part carbonless, 8 1/2” x 3 1/2”, detailed sets. Sold per 100/package. $32.99/100.

LUC25 - Same as above. Sold per 25/package. $10.99/25.

football stats book

Football Statistics Book

SBF - 12 game book to keep a detailed, easy- to-read account of every play. Record offensive possessions, defensive stats, kicks, returns, turnovers and penalties. Post-game and individual stats. End of season summary 156 pages. $19.99/ea.

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